Maxx Aquafresh Opeal


Your drinking water is a good source of minerals and nutrients essential for the body. Only VRBSS purifiers naturally retains the alkalinity and essential minerals in your water without any artificial adulteration, which other water purifiers deplete. Here’s how it benefits you :
1) It provides 90% extra superior water comparing to reveres osmosis i.e RO systems.2) It saves up to 80% of water wastage as compare to other available water purifiers in market. 3) You can also govern the water total dissolve solids i.e TDS as per your requirements. 4) Mechanize Inbuilt softener increases the membrane’s life and do the anti-scaling simultaneously.
Apart from that proponents of drinking alkaline water provides many proposed health benefits which includes :
– anti – aging properties ( via liquid antioxidants that absorb more quickly into the human body ).- colon – cleansing properties.- immune system support.- hydration, skin, health and other detoxifying properties. – weight loss and cancer resistance.

Rs.16,500.00 Rs.11,500.00




Product details:

Product Code Supreme
Gross Weight 13 Kg
Net Weight 11 Kg
Power Consumption 30 W
Tank Capacity 18 L
Mounting Type Wall-Mounted
Warranty 1 Year
Minimum Order Quantity 01 Piece


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